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Thursday, January 14, 2016

New live date (3-16-16)

I will be sharing the stage with the legendary industrial act Leather Strip on the richmond date of his upcoming Zoth Ommog tour happening on March 16. The tour also features the Metropolis records act The Ludovico Technique. In addition, there will be a CD release party for my dark electro band Venal Flesh who will be releasing our debut full length Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice via Alfa Matrix on March 18.

[ event info ]

Thursday, June 25, 2015

New review of Sitra Achra

Two new, and very positive, reviews came in recently for Sitra Achra.

First, from the German zine Necroweb:


and Secondly from the American I Die: You Die:


"With the previous two WotE releases Barrett successfully experimented with finding a new voice and spirit for the project, but in consolidating that journey with Sitra Achra he has legitimately established himself as a producer in the broader dark music fields (leaving aside specific sub-genres) who simply cannot be overlooked."

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sitra Achra

Sitra Achra
April 2015

All tracks written, produced, and mastered by Worms of the Earth
Art + layout by S.alt

Industry8 and Worms Of The Earth present Sitra Achra, their second release together. With this release Worms Of The Earth have challenged themselves to expand their sound . Worms Of The Earth design their soundscapes around deep tones, vocal samples of sacred and profane origins, and dense atmospheric drones. The overall effect is a contemplative atmosphere with a palpable feeling of tension. On Sitra Achra, Worms Of The Earth expand their sound by adding hand percussion and ritual instruments. These ritual instruments and hand percussion; bone, gong, bell and djembe, add an additional human sound that punctuates the meditative drones. The djembe magnifies the deep sounds. The bell adds a clear tone identifiable above the gauzy din. These developments not only remove the sense of isolation but allow identification. This development in Worms Of The Earth's sound is what defines Sitra Achra, a quest to the Qliphoth. A journey in sound accompanied by the nuanced illustration of Ant-Zen founder Salt.

SITRA ACHRA is the fourth full length and second dark ambient album, acting as the spiritual successor to 2013’s incredibly well received AZAL’UCEL, for ethno-industrial/ritual ambient project WORMS OF THE EARTH. Already drawing frequent comparisons to dark ambient masters Raison d’etre, Sephiroth, and In Slaughter Natives, on this record Worms explores even murkier and more illusory aural territory. Ancient, chthonic tribal and gritty industrial elements coalesce with layers of arcane drones, ethereal choirs, and transcendent eastern melodies to open the gateway to the darkest corners of the human psyche in an attempt to explore and understand the inverse realm of primordial chaotic energies, the Qliphoth. SITRA ACHRA features a greater focus on organic, ritual instruments played by hand - including djembe, gong, bells, bones, etc, along with a plethora of hardware synthesizers. Another focal point is the creation of deep tracks with numerous subtle complexities – headphone listening is strongly encouraged! SITRA ACHRA is by far the most hauntingly atmospheric, powerful, and spiritually potent material crafted by the project to date which continues the classic, visionary sound of the late Cold Meat Industry.

Limited edition of 262 hand-numbered copies.
Released April 21st, 2015 on industry8

1. Malkuth – The World Dissolves and Reveals Sitra Achra
2. Gamaliel – Corrupted Sanctuary of Fire
3. Gnarled Roots Suspend the Ruined Temple
4. Path of Samekh
5. Thagirion – Mired In a River of Drowned Bodies
6. Path of Zamradiel
7. Satariel – Field of Apocryphal Monuments
8. Excising the Last Vestiges of Ahamkara


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

new review of Sitra Achra from Brutal Resonance

Brutal Resonance gives Sitra Achra a 9.5/10! The review is quite long and in depth so I'm just going to link to it:

[ read it here ]

Monday, March 23, 2015

Official Video for "Gamaliel - Corrupted Sanctuary Of Fire"

New video by the very talented F Squared Media.

In similar news, the new dark ambient/tribal album SITRA ACHRA is up for pre-order now and will be officially released April 21.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wounds of the Earth Comp 6

I highly encourage you to check out the new free compilation from Wounds of the Earth zine which features a slightly altered track from the forthcoming SITRA ACHRA album along with a plethora of other amazing acts.


Part I (IDM)

1. Flint Glass - Talawaitichqua
2. Displacer & Nimon - Cloud Forest
3. Roel Funcken - Mesosphere
4. Huron - Disrupt The Standard
5. Hotaru Bay - Herbstgedanken

Part II (Dark Ambient)

6. Havan - Vasatya
7. Apocryphos - A Lonely Structure In Ithaca Chasma
8. Asbaar - Forgotten Equinox
9. Shrine - Sulphur Heart
10. TeHÔM - The World Ended
11. Paranoia Inducta - Apokatastasis
12. Worms of the Earth - Path Of Samekh
13. Anatomia De Vanitats - Ratio
14. Atrium Carceri - Bastard
15. Skadi - Scourged Soul
16. Cryobiosis - The Faceless
17. Sabled Sun - Home Planet
18. Eldar - Numen

Part III (Death Industrial)

19. The Vomit Arsonist - Upon The Floor
20. Steel Hook Prostheses - Sick Teeth
21. Darkrad - Izvergi
22. Aderlating - Gaze Of The Immortal Serpent
23. Theologian - Our Pain Is Hopefully Finite


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review of Azal'ucel from Convivial Hermit magazine

From Convivial Hermit Magazine


 Heavily steeped in Luciferian witchcraft, Azal’Ucel by the US do-it-yourselfer Dan Barrett aka Worms of the Earth is an album of fairly traditional dark ambient that does not reinvent anything, but draws cunningly on the genre’s established apparatus to provide a wide and diverse collection of soundscapes. With that almost everything has been said, but don’t take it as an indication that Azal’Ucel is just another expressionless face in the thick crowd of Raison d’Être disciples. Mr. Barrett has a very interesting way of using his samples and blocks of sounds to ensure flowing dynamics and depth. Produced by genre heavyweight Robert Rich, Azal’Ucel is dark ambient where _things happen_, the standard bone rattles, hollow winds and teeth-grinding creaks are actually often arranged as rail tracks bringing the music onwards at a pace forbidding sleep mode. Some tracks rely on restless percussions that keep you alert while always looking out the window for glimpses of the odd peril or arresting “visual” detail. The slower, more subterranean tracks, where conventional beats are not to be found, are also bursting with invisible activity. The sound of water trickling over old stone, the suggestion of flames flickering on the far wall of a dark cave, the faint rumble of battle on the excellent closer “Tearing down the Christian Pantheon”, everything tastefully falls into place and smears deep colors on the sonic signals. There is almost a storytelling function at work there, at the (generally controlled) risk of sometimes causing some confusion as to the story’s current elements and whereabouts. Finally, I should like to commend the snippets of sacred chanting used here and there, a very formulaic proposal in dark ambient, but one that doesn’t grow old, especially when done right. I think I recognized some Hildegard von Bingen in there, but I’m not 100% positive. Haven’t listened to good old Hilde in a long time, shame on me. The esoteric background and long, cryptic song titles may offer an additional thrill for some, but know that the music itself is no instruction guide to a kabbalistic ritual. Though scented candles and chalk patterns on the floor would spice up the experience, I guess. - Bertrand Garnier