Worms of the Earth

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOTE Lexicon

In this section I will speak on the meanings of some things and the purpose behind the symbols I use in this project.

Firstly, the name: Worms of the Earth
I chose this name because it alludes to several things. On a very physical level I take it to be something of a description of humans destroying the planet, like the worm in an apple. On a more abstract level, it is a term describing an advanced race of reptilian beings that supposedly came to this earth eons ago (aka nephilim, annunakai, the watchers, the gods of ancient sumeria/babylonia, etc), whom allegedly created modern man and would later go on to inhabit the hollow earth [in one branch of the hollow earth theory]. There is a book with the same name, and ironically, although I did not know of this book when I decided upon the name, it seems to be in line with these ideas.

The banners I use live:
The two symbols I use live are the following:

This is a map of the chakras; this particular style is called "ascent of the kundalini". The kundalini is a hidden, coiled energy that lies at the base of the spine, typically portrayed as a serpent. In kundalini awakening, this force rises from the bottom-most chakra "muladhara" up through the spine to the crown chakra "sahasrara". The purpose of kundalini awakening is to reach self-awareness, attaining divine knowledge, etc. The Lesser Ophidian Gate is based on this concept.

The other banner contains the sigil of Lucifer the adversary. The purpose of using the Lucifer sigil is to invoke or awaken the strength and wisdom of the adversary within oneself to transcend the normal confines of low level consciousness and to break the chains of judeo-christian enslavement. To rebel against the weakness, thoughtlessness, and sycophantic nature that plagues man. To unlock the full potential of oneself.

Pretty much what it says on the packaging. Azal’ucel is the sigillic word formula of Azazel and Lucifer. As this is the initiator and God form of the Path of Sorcery, Lucifer is the illuminator of the soul, the one who allows the magician to unveil the Light of Self.
This rite is designed to provide an inspired working of invoking Azal’ucel, from which one shall seek communion with their Higher Self. As one comes into contact with the entity, an illuminated sense of self emerges and a new type of path may begin to develop.

Again, what it says on the artwork. Basically the Buddhist version of Azal'ucel - the discovery and understanding the true self and true purpose thereof through various meditative states.

The Lesser Ophidian Gate
There are two levels of The Lesser Ophidian Gate. On one hand it is a term for the first 'gate' protecting the entrance to the serpent cities in the hollow earth. On the other hand it is the gateway to awakening the kundalini energy (the coiled serpent). The four tracks of the EP are the four keys to opening the gate. It begins on the lowest chakra with Earth and ascends through Fire, Water, and finally Air/Spirit as you awaken Ajna (loosely 'third eye', what is used to view higher planes).

The Angels of Prostitution
This term comes from kabbalic mysticism. Basically the meaning of this term is metaphysical forces that impede the progress of man (aka the succubus, the witch, the whore, etc.). The Angels of Prostitution are, 'literally', Lillith and her succubi cohorts. I wrote this album as sort of a study, or response, to help myself understand these forces.

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