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Monday, May 4, 2009

Roto Visage & Worms of the Earth - 'Celestial Malaise'

Roto Visage & Worms of the Earth - 'Celestial Malaise'
Disease Foundry Recordings
Dark Ambient/Drone


1. Roto Visage - Samvartakalpa (31:56)
2. Worms of the Earth - Vivartakalpa (22:22)
3. Worms of the Earth & Roto Visage - Celestial Malaise (12:32)

mastered by Autovoice
artwork by Mark Hunter (of Nostalgia, Xasthur)


So, here it is, the otherworldly dark ambient/drone split album between me and visionary dark ambient producer Roto Visage. 3 tracks of epic mind-bending drone. This is housed in a 1-fold digipak and only 50 copies exist. If you're interested in purchase please check out the order page here: Disease Foundry. I personally only have a few copies which I will be selling exclusively at shows.

On my track there is a fairly extensive use of Binaural Beats. OK so what the hell is that? Basically when you play a separate tone in each stereo channel (i.e. right and left, in ya headphones) and the tones differ slightly (5-10hz), the brain percieves this as a single "beating" tone. So that's all well and good, but the point is that this tone can subtley influence brain activity. What is influenced is based on the frequency of the tone. This technique can be used to trigger effects like euphoria, aniexty, fear, etc. So I won't go into more detail about the specifics that I used, but in any case throw your headphones on, go outside, turn this up as loud as you feel like and see what happens...

i'll give you a hint, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beats and go to "other uses". hemi-sync anyone?


Ok, so wtf is samvarhtalekap or whatever the fuck ? Here is what this CD is about:

In buddhist temporal cosmology, i.e. how the universe comes into creation and dissolution, there are 4 cycles. They are

1. Vivartakalpa - "Eon of evolution" – during this kalpa the universe comes into existence.
2. Vivartasthāyikalpa - "Eon of evolution-duration" – during this kalpa the universe remains in existence in a steady state.
3. Samvartakalpa - "Eon of dissolution" – during this kalpa the universe dissolves.
4. Saṃvartasthāyikalpa - "Eon of dissolution-duration" – during this kalpa the universe remains in a state of emptiness.

here is a brief description of what happens during Vivartakalpa:

The Vivartakalpa begins with the arising of the primordial wind, which begins the process of building up the structures of the universe that had been destroyed at the end of the last mahākalpa. As the extent of the destruction can vary, the nature of this evolution can vary as well, but it always takes the form of beings from a higher world being born into a lower world. This continues throughout the Vivartakalpa until all the worlds are filled from the Brahmaloka down to Naraka. During the Vivartakalpa the first humans appear; they are not like present-day humans, but are beings shining in their own light, capable of moving through the air without mechanical aid, living for a very long time, and not requiring sustenance; they are more like a type of lower deity than present-day humans are.

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  1. Any plans to make this available via your Bandcamp page?