Worms of the Earth

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tympanik Audio
November 2012

All tracks written, produced, & mastered + photography and layout by Worms of the Earth

1. Wandering the Realm of Wind and Sand
2. Exhuming the Tome of the Worm
3. Enshrined in the Sacred Stones
4. 18 Hands Of Cundi
5. Sammā-Sati
6. Ceaseless Suffering (The Poisons Of Being)
7. Kaivalya
8. Arupadhatu
9. 1st Jhāna (Dimension Of Space)
10. 2nd Jhāna (Dimension Of Consciousness)
11. Anagami

Hardcopy-only 3in bonus CD:
(dark ambient versions of album tracks)
1. Tome of the Worm
2. Tome of Stones
3. Tome of Anagami

- track 7 is a new version of the the track which appeared on the compilation "More Than Nine Lives"  [i8-02]
- track 8 is a completely revamped & extended version of the track which appeared on the compilation "Through The Silence & Story" [IDMf010]

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album concept:
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I Die You Die
ReGen [4.5/5]

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