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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Lesser Ophidian Gate EP

The Lesser Ophidian Gate
Bugs Crawling Out Of People
August 2010

All tracks originally written and produced by Worms of the Earth
the four keys mastered by Scrap.edx
bonus tracks mastered by Autovoice

1. To Dawn The Visage Of The Serpent
2. Traversing The Saurian Abyss
3. Passing Through The Deep
4. Ajna (Viewing The Bodiless Realm)
5. --
6. untitled (Trapped In Bardo)
7. And I've Become The Demon (Vicious Alliance remix)

- tracks 1-4 make up the four keys to the lesser ophidian gate
- track 6 is a extended, re-mixed version of a track of the same name which appears on the Evocation compilation on Amduscias Records.
- track 7 original version written by Worms of the Earth and appears on the compilation "Get Out Of My Fucking House" on Bugs Crawling Out of People. remixed by Vicious Alliance

<a href="http://wormsoftheearth.bandcamp.com/album/the-lesser-ophidian-gate">to dawn the visage of the serpent by Worms of the Earth</a>

limited edition CD + Poster or pay what you can digital download. $12 Canadian (including shipping) payment accepted through paypal. contact me at info [@] bugscrawlingoutofpeople.com for more details!
“the lesser ophidian gate” ep is the arcane follow-up to the critically-acclaimed debut album “the angels of prostitution” by dark rhythmic noise artist worms of the earth. it is a step beyond the previous release, similarly steeped in the esoteric, it flows deeper into the occult, beyond the facade of judeo-christian theology and explores older and darker realms of the unseen, evils buried by many millennia of terror. waves of harsh and calculated rhythmic percussion soaked in the black ambience of the netherworld assault the listener in both the physical and metaphysical, unleashing forces and knowledge beyond the conscious self, subtly unveiling the dark and twisted secrets of the ancients.
“the lesser ophidian gate" is a 4 track ep plus 2 bonus remix tracks: a dark ambient remix of 'untitled' from 'the angels of prostitution' album and a vicious alliance remix of 'and i've become the demon'.
physical copy limited to 100 copies and sealed within a 6 panel digipak. this is a must for those who wish to glimpse into the forbidden. each disc comes with an additional 11" x 17" poster. this disc is also offered as pay what you want digital download.

gear used: cubase 5, ADAM A7 monitors, focusrite saffire pro40, virus ti snow, korg trinity tr, dsi mopho, native instruments absynth & reaktor, alesis sr16, elektron machinedrum mk2, lexion mpx1, bbe maxcom, spl charisma 2, boss se-70, roland sp606, zoom h4n recorder

buy hardcopy from:
Bugs Crawling Out Of People [CAN]
Discogs.com [Various]
Signifier [USA]

buy digitally from:
Bandcamp [pay-what-you-want, high quality MP3 or FLAC]


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Connexion Bizarre [8.5/10]

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