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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Nightside Of Creation EP

The Nightside Of Creation EP

All Tracks written and produced by Worms of the Earth.
Mastered by Mattias Fridell

Last year I was contacted by Portuguese techno label Reaktivate and asked to work on a release with them. I used this EP as an opportunity to experiment a bit with my sound to see if I could mutate into something more technoid which retained the best aspects of my previous works. At the time I was still working with Qliphothic currents, and hypnotic, atmospheric, techno-leaning industrial music seemed to be a fitting vessel for audio gateways into this path. The EP is broken into two sections: the first, Corridors Of The Abyss is brand new completely techno focused material that I wrote specifically for this release. These are more cold and mechanical in tone, sort of a more contemporary view of the Qliphothic tunnels. The second part, The Desert Of Ghogiel, are tracks that I had already written for a future full length and decided to re-work them to fit into the paradigm I was working in for this release. On these tracks I aimed at progressing the sound I was doing on the Anagami album, and focused again on the organic, ethno sound and incorporated various ethnic percussion and melodic instruments.

Press release.
Worms of The Earth and Portuguese techno label Reaktivate have joined forces to bring you The Nightside of Creation EP. Once again, Worms plunges the listener into the darkened abyss of Qliphotic forces, this time invoked through ritualistic industrial-strength techno for black adepts! This new work takes his existing style of highly atmospheric tribal-influenced rhythmic noise and transmutes it into an evocative techno paradigm for conquering the darkest currents of the human psyche. For fans of deep chthonic chasms and blackened, transcendental dance music.

Part I: Corridors Of The Abyss
1. Veil Of The Abyss
2. Aleph
3. Daleth

Part II: The Desert of Ghogiel
4. Seeking Wisdom Once Lost
5. The Pyramid Beyond The Desert
6. Talisman Of Wind
7. The Pyramid Beyond The Desert (A Thousand Details Remix)

Available in digital and limited edition hardcopy packaged in cardboard sleeve.

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