Worms of the Earth

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Angels Of Prostitution

The Angels Of Prositution
Bugs Crawling Out Of People
September 2008

All tracks originally written and produced by Worms of the Earth
Mastered by Autovoice

1. The Angels Of Prostitution
2. The Whore
3. I Watched Them Hang
4. Big Fucking Titties Or A Fuckable Mouth (Of The Succubus) [w/ It-Clings]
5. untitled
6. Dew Falling Over The Garden
7. Famine Wears The Mask Of Prosperity
8. The Whore [Dead Man's Hill Remix]
9. The Serpents That Lick The Dust [Embodi Remix]
10. The Whore [DYM Remix]
11. The Whore [To Mega Therion Remix]
12. Dreams Beyond The Northern Ocean [Vicious Alliance Remix]
13. Under The Bodhi Tree

*words and lyrics on track 4 by It-Clings
the title "big fucking titties or a fuckable mouth" was the title of It-Cling's piece
"of the succubus"was my title for the music portion

<a href="http://wormsoftheearth.bandcamp.com/album/the-angels-of-prostitution">The Whore by Worms of the Earth</a>

gear used: cubase sx3, presonus firepod, krk rokit 5 monitors, access virus classic, korg trinity tr, novation a-station, crappy shure mic, digitech vocal300, youtube.com

buy CD from:
Bugs Crawling Out Of People [CAN]
Tympanik Audio [USA]
Discogs.com [various sellers]
Bandcamp [USA]

Bandcamp [me // USA]
Bandcamp [label // CAN]

bonus disc:

The Whores of Carcosa
limited to 100, first 50 copies come free with TAOP

mastered by Famine

1. The Shores Of Carcosa
2. Tatters Of The King
3. The Pallid Mask
4. Lake Of Hali
5. The Serpents That Lick The Dust [Roto Visage Remix]
6. The Whore [Re: Dux Tion Remix]
7. The Whore [Autovoice Remix]
8. The Whore [Vicious Alliance Remix]
9. The Whore [Ghosts In The Clocktower Remix]

* samples on tracks 1-4 are excerpts read from "The King In Yellow" written by Robert W. Chambers, from a website I forget the name of

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