Worms of the Earth

Friday, July 17, 2009


So I feel like I'm about to cross over (back to) the dark side: I just bought Komplete 5 which includes all those award-winning softsynths. I am primarily using hardware synths because I think they sound better, and the hands on aspect is nice (of course I could get a MIDI controller but...) but after this purchase I may start to use more softsynths in my tracks and thus end up sounding like every other producer ever. It will be a fine line to walk, but I am moderately confident that I can use these tools only for good and not for evil. But I promise I will never write a shitty albino lfo-synced bassline. Also, I might in theory be able to build my own shit in Reaktor which would make me a little more respectable.

In other more important news, the new EP is almost finished and is in the process of being mastered. I still gots to finish one track, but it will be a sick track. It will be free download available in mp3 and lossless format (wav or flac) and it will include a bunch of artwork and fun stuff. More info and label and all that shit when more is solidified.

I'm finishing up my two collaborations with Savage Ideal (aka Christian Wright, ex-Bajskorv) for his forthcoming album. One is called "To Spike the Slabs of Eternity" and is available for preview on his myspace. The second track should be finished up by tonight. These tracks mark my return to epic power noise, both being 7 minutes or so long with lots of complex noisey face-eating beats with breakcore & idm influence. Probably some of the most complex tracks I have ever written and quite possibly the best. More info on his album when it drops.

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