Worms of the Earth

Sunday, July 26, 2009


My two collaboration tracks with Savage Ideal are done:
"Song of the Saw"
"To Spike the Slabs of Eternity"

both can be previewed here

After constant pressure from certain third parties, and the fact that the two above songs surpassed my expectations of my own ability to write noisey stuff, I have decided to write another rhythmic noise album! I have begun work on it this weekend. I have a few old tracks which I started writing directly after The Angels of Prostitution and I will see about salvaging one or two of the better ones, then I'll write 6 or 7 new ones. Probably one vocal track as well... maybe two... and they will have guest vocalists along with my own vocals. Expect this album to be in the vein of "song of the saw", that is to say the songs will all be long, exceedingly dark and "epic" with lots of sections and parts and breakdowns and glitchy shit and pads and etc. Probably will be a concept album in the same way TAOP was. My goal right now is to have it be 2CD and the second cd will be dark ritual ambient remixes (or at least a free digital second 'disk'). All that is in my head currently, but time will how and what manifests. more later

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