Worms of the Earth

Thursday, August 13, 2009

8-13-09, i hate complications

Hum, I should have had some new stuff finished by now but too many obstacles in the way. Still waiting to hear back about some mastering and label stuff. I have some tracks that are like 95% done but I can't get motivated to just get in there and get the last 5% done. Nothing really catalystic is going on; work is really slow and boring, no women have broken up with me, i didn't lose all my money in a ponzie scheme, i didn't find out i suddenly have cancer, etc. Oh well. I've been doing some dark ambient stuff here and there. Or i'll open up one of my new noise songs, listen to it 4 times and then close it and do something else. I'm supposed to be doing vocals in a project with Famine but I haven't written lyrics in forever so it's taking equally forever to write anything. I like to think that I will put in work this weekend and get something done but I probably won't.

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