Worms of the Earth

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Show 3-14-09 @ Litterbox

The Litterbox
3002 Bunker Hill Road
Mt. Rainer, MD 20712
cost = FREE
starts = somewhere between 8-9pm

The Litterbox is basically the basement of Mic Litter's house. However, he is a welder and a visual artist, so it is decorated in a very industrial fashion. Not sure what the sound system it like, but it should be loud. It's very laid back, but lots of fun to hang out there. Show starts sometime around 8 or 9, whenever we feel like it.

DJ Miss Voltaria (dnb/dubstep/industrial)
Mic Litter (experimental old school industrial)
Dada 4 Nada (mic litter + juan of bajskorv performing a couple pieces)
Failed Utopia (heavy industrial/dub)
Worms of the Earth (rhythmic noise/dubstep)

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