Worms of the Earth

Monday, February 7, 2011


Laptop died before the albany show (most likely the motherboard is fubar from previous constant overheating issues), though with the help of Andrew from Doomsday Virus we were able to pull the relevant files off the harddrive, compile various parts in pro tools, reload software, and reconfigure midi controllers on his laptop...and despite all of the aforementioned, the show actually went amazingly. Great crowd, solid venue. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Unfortunately, my laptop is still dead, though the good news is that in the context of Worms, I only use it for playing live, so it won't affect production of new material. However, it is a big pain in the ass, and I'm now tasked with buying a new one this week since I need it for real life stuff. Apparently they don't manufacture them with firewire (1394) ports anymore, which is really awesome since ALL my soundcards rely solely on that protocol. So, I'll probably have to sell the Mackie Onyx Satellite and buy something usb friendly...which sorta means no shows for a while until I can get all this shit back in order. Argh.

On the upside: before my laptop crashed, in my assuming that there would be no large bills in the future, I decided to buy a Kurzweil PC2R as sort of an upgrade / compliment to the Korg Trinity TR. The PC2R is, similarly, a ROMpler focused on top notch piano and orchestral sounds. The Trinity is a great machine, but it sounds dated as shit...so I've been looking for something with more accurate sounding pianos, strings, choirs, etc. I'm really excited to use this in the ambient stuff I have been working on. More on that soon...maybe...

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