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Monday, March 21, 2011

03-21-11 news + compilations/remixes in 2011

There are a bunch of releases in the works, to be released this year, which will feature Worms of the Earth tracks. So far, these have been released:

Wounds of the Earth Compilation III (Wounds of the Earth)
This is a huge free digital compilation released by the Wounds of the Earth zine. Part I features 12 IDM tracks and Part II features 14 dark ambient tracks. For this I did a track called Mul Aš-iku which is a space influenced IDM/ambient piece. This compilation features predominately exclusive tracks from acts such as c.db.sn, access to arasaka, candle nine, SE & daniel tompkins of century media act TesseracT, famine, enabl.ed, lucidstatic, false mirror, therradaemon (aka northaunt), svartsinn, phaenon, roto visage, tPRoE, dead man's hill, and a ton more. Despite the fact that I put this together, I can say without bias that this is a must have for fans of IDM and Dark Ambient.

The Carapace - "Interpretations In Time" (Force of Nature Productions)
The Carapace is the new emotive and atmospheric IDM project from Josh Colella of Scrap.edx. This is the free digital remix EP which serves as a precursor to the coming full length. Despite the possible connotations of a free remix album, this is actually a very solid release; the original tracks are excellent (definitely a must hear for fans of n5md type idm) and the remixes are all genuinely well done.

In the next few months expect to see Worms appear on releases from Bugs Crawling Out Of People, the bright new US industrial noise/ambient label Signifier, and a few others.

Currently I am working hard on a rhythmic noise/idm full length and a dark ambient full length. More details to come, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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