Worms of the Earth

Sunday, July 24, 2011

news 7-24-11

I will be playing a show with MONO AMINE (ant zen) in Philadelphia, PA on August 19:


I will also have a track featured on a forthcoming compilation with a very long title on the new US label Signifier. This is going to be a very sick compilation of rhythmic noise and IDM. The previews of it sound great. It drops on august 30 and you can preorder it now for only 14$ ! It will feature acts such as Zero Degree, LAN Formatique, Tonikom, Millipede, Tzolk'in, Oil 10, Lingouf, Greyhound, WASTE and more.

A few other compilation tracks have been submitted, more info on those soon.

I am currently working on a new project, to be unveiled fairly soon. There is still much left to be said with Worms, and there will be news of a new album quite soon.

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