Worms of the Earth

Thursday, October 13, 2011

News 10-13-11

Firstly, Worms of the Earth is featured on an absolutely incredible compilation from Kalpamantra. This is a free digital comp of tons of fantastic dark ambient and related music. Contains tracks from: Atrium Carceri, Brighter Death Now, Vestigial, New Risen Throne, Allseits, Troum, Visions, Phelios, etc etc. Absolutely do not miss this!

get it: here

Again, I will be DJing in Richmond, VA on october 27 @ Fallout for their hard industrial night.

I recorded another DJ set for Xiled Radio - Show 90. More atmospheric dark ambient.

In somewhat related news, I am reviving an old project I did in '06-'08 called Ghosts in the Clocktower. This was a short lived outlet for writing outer space themed dark ambient and IDM. I never achieved what I wanted to with it, and ended up shelving it due to lack of time. I had always intended for that project to function as a collaborative endeavor, and I have finally found a second individual who shares the same vision and passion for this type of music. We have begin working together recently and the first new GITC song in 4 years will appear on the forthcoming Wounds of the Earth compilation, due out this winter, and hopefully more material to come beyond that.

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