Worms of the Earth

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Haven't updated for a while. I have a new dark ambient track entitled "Luciferian Sabbat" on the compilation "Krtima Sprha" from the great netlabel Kalpamantra. This is another 70+ track compilation with many amazing artists including Blood Box, Herbst9, Vortex, Dahlia's Tear, Therradaemon, Parhelion, etc.

grab it here

You can also hear this track on my soundcloud

In other news, I have a new rhythmic album finished which will be released soon. Working on the artwork for that currently and it will go to mastering soon. Also, as previously mentioned, I have a full length dark ambient album which should be released soon as well. Everything is ready to go for that; the label initially told me late June, but it looks like they are pushing it back to Autumn. More info on these very soon!

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