Worms of the Earth

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Debut EP from my side project!

While you're waiting for some news of the forthcoming Worms of the Earth album, please check out the debut EP from my outer space themed IDM/ambient project Ghosts in the Clocktower, released via the label Abstrakt Reflections. 9 tracks of melodic, highly atmospheric, technical IDM and ambient, with fantastic mastering and a remix from fellow Tympanik act c.db.sn! I also did the artwork for this release.

The project follows the story of two astronauts sent into deep space to rendezvous with the errant spaceship "the clocktower" and report their findings of why the ship went missing. For the full back story and to keep up with the ongoing saga, check out the official site and the facebook page.

Chapter I. A collection of transmissions from the first portion of our journey: from our earthly launch towards rendezvous with the errant spaceship The Clocktower somewhere in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. Cold, organic ambient atmospheres mixed with melodic, technical IDM.
01. Transmission A001211
02. Ae1 Ghoeb
03. 71T_09-NE4
04. Euraph-5ยต
05. Transmission M190312
06. Menrva (Titan)
07. V4641 Sgr (2nd Approach)
08. V4641 Sgr (Reconstructed by c0ma)
09. Ae1 Ghoeb (c.db.sn Coal Creek Treatment)

more info: here

DOWNLOAD: mp3 | flac


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