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Friday, February 22, 2013

Anagami hardcopies available now!

Ok! hardcopies of Anagami are in and I have some copies of Azal'ucel before the official release! Here is all the infos:

Hardcopy limited to 100 copies. At this time, these are ONLY available from me. It comes in a 6 panel digipack and comes with a bonus 3in mini cdr with ambient versions of some of the album tracks! These tracks will not be available anywhere else, in any other format. The tracklist is:
1. Tome of the Worm (6:29)
2. Tome of Stones (5:09)
3. Tome of Anagami (7:12)

I have 2 versions, the 1CD and the 2CD (album+bonus ep) version. All the information can be found on the label page http://www.industryeight.com/ I am already sold out of the few poster editions I got so you will have to get those directly from the label / isotank mailorder.

PACKAGES / PRICING (shipping included, all prices USD)
Paypal only plz unless I will see you in person. Please contact me at wormsofthee4rth@yahoo.com if interested. Sorry for the high international shipping costs, blame new US legislation. Orders will come with stickers and misc extras depending on what I have...

US: $16
World: $20
US: 16
World: 20

US: 18
World: 22
Anagami + Azalucel
us: 28
world: 35
Anagami OR Azalucel + Another cd (angels of prostitution, lesser ophidian gate, something from BCOOP*)
us: 26
world: 30
Anagami + Azalucel + Another CD*
us: 35
world: 42

*other cds I have available are:
worms of the earth - the angels of prostitution
worms of the earth - the lesser ophidian gate (only 1 left!)
famine - every mirror turns black
it clings/pneumatic detach - the all too logical descent into madness
v/a - revelation 

dead man's hill - spirits (2 left)
dead man's hill - dead:meat (1 left)

first come, first served for all limited stuff!

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