Worms of the Earth

Friday, October 9, 2009


So it's been a month and I still haven't done anything notable. I haven't been very inspired lately; some combination of lack of external stimuli and the boredom of using the same processes over and over...which I am finding increasingly stale and lifeless. I guess I am getting tired of 100% digital production; the line between clicking my mouse at work and clicking it in the studio is starting to blur, if you know what i mean. I bought some new hardware which I hope will revitalize me a bit. I don't have any hardware effects so I bought a Boss SE70. It's got analog distortion apparently, so I am curious to see what running the Machinedrum though it would sound like. It probably won't be power-noise-central which I'm kind of hoping for, but we'll see. I am really curious about outboard gear, so after a bunch of research I decided to get an SPL Charisma 2. It looks simple but efficient. I'm going to try to run digital stuff (VSTs, drums) out of the box through the Charisma which will hopefully give them some life and warmth. Also curious to see if it has any effect on hardware synths, maybe not the Virus (though it actually might, since it's VA), but probably will make the Trinity sound "bigger". If the Charisma actually makes a difference I have some other gear that I am curious to try out...perhaps a valve EQ and something like the SPL Vitalizer...you know, tubes n shit.
I must be ADD as hell; every update I make is about I'm making some new genre of music. heh. I don't really think any of the dubstep I made is hot shit; it is mediocre and sort of cool sounding but with generally blah production. So fuck it, it's not worth releasing into the sea of other mediocre dubstep. I started writing rhythmic noise again which is fun and angry, but I'm still bored with the genre and find it difficult to find the inspiration to write it. I heard some Geistform the other day which was pretty cool, he did his album using all analog gear, and it revitalized power noise for me a little bit. Been listening to Orphx too, I dig that sort of hypnotic dubby noise sound. I can't pinpoint what is killing production for me, but I think that I'm just bored with my shitty drum libraries [and I find that Battery inhibits my workflow, so I'm not really using it at this time]. I'm going to get together with Mic Litter again soon and work on making/sampling our own drum library. Lots of found sounds, pipes, metal, noise...all that industrial shit. I think if we sample stuff into his Roland pads (forget the model), we can build some initally big and mean drum sounds, which I can sample into Cubase and then tweak them a but more for a cleaner more, uh, "produced" sound (e.g. so they fit into a mix more seemlessly). I want that dark old school sound from when terror ebm was still using hardware drum machines, except with better production on the mix as a whole. speaking of which, I might be getting involved with a terror ebm project in the future. If that is the case than I want to be legit about it. Mostly hardware stuff: the se70 on vocals, lots of custom drum hits, mostly hardware synths, and lots of field samples and sampled atmospheres from weird creepy locations. If it happens, my goal would be to make something like mindstrip-era suicide commando + raison d'etre. There are some ideas floating around which I am actually pretty excited about. But more info on that as it happens.

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