Worms of the Earth

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Still making very slow progress on the EP. I can't believe it takes me this fucking long to write music now. I have 2 songs which are done...I think...and 2 more that need varying degrees of writing and mixing. The mixing process is tedious and annoying; even when I think a song is done, I will listen to it up next to Iszoloscope or whomever and it sounds like shit in comparison. The worst is if I compare it to something like Deadmau5...then I really want to throw in the towel. So in summary: fuck writing music. I can't figure out what the problem (e.g. how to sound better / thicker / fuller) is, nor how to correct it. I am tempted to say it has something to do with my version of Cubase SX3 because all my equipment is solid, yet it's still not sounding huge and awesome. Planning to get Ableton 8 very soon though, so we'll see if there is any difference in sound quality.
The SPL Charisma 2 came in and I used it briefly with the Machinedrum->SE70 and on bass from the Mopho. I'm hestitant to say that it sucks, but that is kind of my initial impression. Well it doesn't suck, but moreso perhaps it was not worth the price. I read a review that "it is just a high priced distortion unit" and that is proving somewhat true. I haven't really used it in depth (there are only two knobs on it, so how in depth can you really get?), so I suppose time will tell how useful it really is. I mean, it makes stuff sound noticably LOUDER, but I'm not sure as to how much BETTER it sounds. I'll have to experiment with it more and see how it does in different applications.

I just finished up a remix for A Field Of Black Orchids which I think is going to be on his forthcoming album. It's my usual: pointless long ambient intro, noisey shit, interlude, different noisey shit, unecessary ambient outro.
Possibly will be doing a few more remixes in the "futur". I really just want to finish the EP and get it out there and play shows or do whatever you do after you release something. Drink champagne in the lambo with the top down and the doors open I guess.

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