Worms of the Earth

Monday, November 30, 2009


Ok, this week my goal is to do nothing but write music. 3 songs for the ep are "almost done". 1 is still being written (and re-written) but is coming along. I need to check back on the remixes. There should be 2, and they are from artists whose work I really admire and I expect they will do something meaningful to the tracks. Artwork is coming along. Did a brief photoshoot over the weekend so I might have a promo shot or two for a change. label is confirmed. looking into getting a new logo done. just need to finish more stuff and then wait for more stuff.

I saw Skinny Puppy live the other week. It was awesome, which goes without saying. It inspired me to work on a better live show. Better than a guy or two guys and a laptop. Slightly better at least. I've been thinking about it, but it feels like "might as well be now or never". I will work on putting that together. Maybe by the time the next full length is out I will have a better show. hopefully.

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